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Muay Thai Behind the punch lies the prayer Nak Muay (Thai boxer) has five ways to bring the pain: foot thrust, kick, knee, elbow and the fist,These can act as weapons or as armor, depending on the situationof the match. It takes years to master 15 major and 15 minor tactics.
While boxing has been known for its showmanship Thai boxers aspire to be discipline and modest.
Muay Thai connects many threads of folk culture: play, music, gambling, dance and respect for teachers, not to mention amulets, aromatherapy and the army.

Before entering the ring boxers request permission and protection from the spirits in their corner. Before coming into a match, boxers ewill wai (below with folded hands) amd may even stroke the top rope recting prayers.

Before each bout, boxers perform the “wai khru ram muay” homage to their teacher’s past and present. The performance also servers a practical purpose by warming up the boxer and getting him used to this surrounding in the ring, checking the ropes and floor for abnormalities and using footwork he may later use in the fight.
While there are now a number of boxing rings around Koh Phangan, still one of the most creditable places to train is the Jungle Gym in Haad Rin and Thong Sala.

Jungle Gym is owned and run by one of the past champions of the sport.
Jungle Gym is a fully equipped fitness club that caters to weight lifters and cardio junkies who will love the treadmills, bikes, steppers, cross-trainers and rowers.
Jungle Gym offers Yoga classes from 1-3 pm, specializing in beginners through the advanced levels. There are also all day Yoga workshops the allow participants to get a deeper understanding of methods and techniques. The Haad Rin Gym offers an herbal steam room and a juice bar.

Jungle Gym & Thai Boxing
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