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    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa
    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa


    Our Restaurant provides a variety of food and beverages, which you are sure to savor. We served to you with the food produced by skilled chefs with years of experiences. The food in our restaurant can be broken down into three distinct types of food that you can order, each type from their own menus books.

    The first type being Thailand’s famous cuisines, which includes mouthwatering taste of traditional Thai food. You can’t be in Thailand and haven’t eaten Thai food.

    The second type is the taste of the Mediterranean; our chefs have years of experiences cooking Mediterranean food, especially Israeli food.

    The last type being international food, this includes menus that everyone loves and adores. Our restaurant provides you with our divine tastes and quality food. Come and enjoy your meal with us.

    Aside from our restaurant we also have 2 bars, located near the pool and the beach. You can grab some cool smoothies after a dip in the pool with ease.

    You can also plan on reading your favorite book by the sea drinking our famous coconut smoothie. You will love to enjoy a nice cocktail while looking at the sunset by the sea. Come meet some new friends at our bars.