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    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa
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    Cocohut Spa

    The spa in nature’s arms, with cool and calm clay cottages, combined with the aromas of the sea.

    Close your eyes and picture your most pleasurable moments that you’ve always desired. Cocohut Spa is where you can let all your stresses behind to relax. Every treat balances your body’s systems along with the melody and soft touch. Cocohut’ Spa’s employees strive to accommodate your every needs, with the utmost professionalism and care. We are well prepare to serve you and welcome you as if you were part of our own family.

    Upon entering our peaceful clay cottage, you will immediately be drawn to the pleasant natural aromas of our relaxing incenses, as well as indulge yourself in the most relaxing and calming decor. Our soothing environment will grantee to leave you to feel inner happiness, and a refreshed mind, body and soul.

    We provide numerous and various convenient spa appliance and private rooms for singles or couples. The spa features…

    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    One Double Bed Room

    Overwhelming with nature’s accompany with 2 single beds, Springer hot shower, bean shape bath tub overlooking ocean view

    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    Two Single Bed Rooms

    Each presents a single bed, bathing area, and sitting bath tub.

    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    Outdoor Terrace

    • 2 Thai massage bed
    • 2 foot massage chairs

    The space is set perfectly to lay back with sea view. Roofless showers are well design to match surrounding spiritual rock as your bath room wall.

    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    Poolside Thai Massage

    The poolside area site with 2 massage mattresses and single foot massage chair are set and ready for you to relax.

    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    Cocohut Body Massage Menu

    Relax from your long day traveling, activities, or even after full moon party which make you worn out. You will feel energize again with our varieties of treatment will bring you to a new experience.

    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    Cocohut Facial Treatment

    After a daylong from outdoor activities, your face needs its care from our professional treatment to maintain healthy skin.

    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    Cocohut Body Treatment

    Our body treatments give you a comfortable service as you can be restful in natural environment. We give you a various exciting selections from our menu.

    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    Spa Beauty

    How well do you take care of your hair, hands and feet? Cocohut Spa offers you services of hair treatment, pedicures, and manicures. Let our professionals take care of you. You would certainly feel satisfied with our serivces.

    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    Fitness Center

    Hours: Mon-Sun: 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM

    Equipment and Services

    Cardiovascular Equipment Fitness

    Classes: Complimentary

    Fitness services: Free access for all in-house guests