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    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa
    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa
    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa
    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa
    Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

    Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

    Diving On Koh Phanghan

    Koh Phangan is an excellent place to dive and snorkel with numerous dive sites and a relaxed yet professional attitude to the sport. Groups are usually small, four to ten people a typical size, with the vibrant coral reef that follows the west coast of the island, there are plenty of beach dive sites and areas easily accessible to snorkellers.

    It is also a very inexpensive place to learn to dive, with PADI Open Water courses at some of the best rates in the world and courses right up to instructor level.

    Best of all is the location, as we are only 20 kilometres away from the best dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand.

    Click at the links below for more information about:

    Dive Courses

    There are various options open to those who want to learn to dive, from a one day introductory courses to see if you like it, to the PADI Open Water Certificate that is an internationally recognized qualification to allow you to dive anywhere in the world. For experienced divers there are a multitude of courses such as Recue Diver, EFR, and even Nitrox Enriched Air for those who want longer down under. There are also Divemaster courses for those who want to enter the first step on the professional ladder in diving, with assistant instructor and instructor courses for the fully initiated.

    Dive Sites

    Koh Ma is a small picturesque island connected to Koh Phangan by a sandbar at Haad Mae on the north west coast. It is possible to beach dive from either Mae Haad or Koh Ma and several local scuba school do trips by boat. That said, it is far from crowded and is an excellent place to see the local marine life, with schooling fish, bannerfish & big grouper, barracuda and a vast range of coral; maximum depth 24 m.

    Haad Salad, Haad Yao & Haad Chaopao

    These three beached are bordered by the long coral reef that thrives on the west coast of Phangan and runs up to Koh Ma. Any one of these beaches offers great beach and boat dives with a range of hard corals & reef fish; maximum depth 19m.

    Koh Tae Nok

    Koh Tae Nok is located near Thongsala on the south coast of Koh Phangan and is a great local boat dive; with reef fish, hard corals and the odd small reef shark; maximum depth 19m.

    Sail Rock

    Sail Rock is undoubtedly the most famous dive site in the Gulf of Thailand and is located in-between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. A spectacular rock formation that rises out of the sea, creating an excellent wall dive with a great range of marine life, spectacular underwater scenery, rock formations and the legendary “Chimney” swim-through! A fantastic site that can be explored by all levels of divers; maximum depth 40m.

    Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan

    Koh Tao has loads of beach dive sites and two major dive sites; Shark Island nearby and Southwest Pinnacle about 15kms away. Both are exceptional sites with a great variety of reef and alluring rocky formations; maximum depth 32m.

    Anythong Marine Park

    The Marine Park of Angthong consists of a string of about 42 island and offers some of the most beautiful, vibrant, undamaged coral in Thailand . The boat trip takes about two hours to get to the northernmost tip of the Marine Park and Koh Anthong has the best range of fish within the Gulf of Siam. There is a good chance os feeing the rarer creatures such as turtles or seasnakes and the sites are also very scenic, featuring 2m giant hydroids and black corals; ideal not just for beginners but also for the more experienced diver; maximum depth 25m+.

    There are several tour operators that run regular trips to Ang Thong Marine Park. Check below, also check out the full review of Ang Thong.